By making a purchase from us you agree to the following.

The services provided are not for testing. You do not get to buy it and then “switch it out” for a different service.

All Sales are FINAL. We do not offer refunds if you decide you do not like the service. We ONLY offer refunds if we determine WE have made an error in your purchase or setup.

We do not offer corrections or refunds for YOUR errors. Carefully review your purchase. If you have questions or concerns ASK BEFORE you order.

These services ARE NOT CABLE. There is not round the clock 24/7 support. You will usually have to wait for up to 24 hours to receive your account and receive responses for support.

We do not tolerate your tantrums. If you act like a child or are rude, abrasive, or inappropriate we WILL ban you from support groups and block your emails. You do not get a refund for that.

You MUST have proper internet connections and equipment for the services. We do not refund you if you have a $20 android box with a poor connection and experience buffering or issues. We recommend a mid tier or better device with HIGH SPEED internet. Your device should be receiving 50 mbps or better.

You may need a VPN with these services. Some ISP’s block the links used for some service and throttle the connections. The only way to fight this problem is with a VPN. You can get more info on VPN’s by emailing support@projectcordless.com


Must have a supported device and HIGH SPEED INTERNET. A speed of AT LEAST 25 mbps ON THE DEVICE you are using is recommended. A device with available memory and sufficient hardware is required. Any device older than 5 years old is not recommended. You should have 50 mbps or higher for UHD content. 

Terms of Use

Depending ON Your Service IP Limits use is strictly enforced. You can not add a MAC device to username accounts and vice versa. Violations of these terms will result in account ban and NO REFUND. 


If you experience issues due to slow connections or faulty devices you will NOT be refunded. In order to qualify for a refund you must first follow our support for troubleshooting. We will only refund if we determine our service is at fault. 

After Your Purchase

You will receive an email receipt. You will receive a separate email within 24 hours of your purchase with your login credentials. Please do not email or call asking for account info if it has not been more than 24 hours. Your account is active when we send you the information. 


We offer support for the duration of your subscription. You can join our forum for the fastest and best response time. Email support may take up to 48 hours for a response.


We reserve the right to control content on the services. We may add or remove content at any time. In order to keep the service running at its best you may experience intermittent down time for maintenance and upgrades.